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Business@American attracts ambitious students from across the U.S. Although they come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, they all share the drive to continue learning and moving their careers forward. Hear directly from our students about their interests, their career goals, and their experience online with the Kogod School of Business.

Q&As with Current Students

“I can confidently say that I am continuously learning and growing. I am applying statistical data learnings to my professional responsibilities and understanding the ins and outs of human capital. I am on the right track to advancing my professional career.”

Alyssa Steinmann, Experienced Advertising Professional
MBA@American Student, Expected to Graduate August 2018
Senior Account Executive at MRM//McCann

See how Alyssa is advancing her career goals

“In my current job, I’m influencing people but not using any type of data to get there. I like data! When I’m trying to convince someone of something, I like having the data behind me to back it up. That’s something that this program will give me.”

Jaime Robinson, D.C.-Based Data Enthusiast
Analytics@American Student, Expected to Graduate August 2018
Client Manager at Unum

See how Jaime is expanding her skill set.

“Business@American has stimulated my entrepreneurial spirit to a whole new level. It sets you up for success so that you can confidently choose a path and excel. Overall, the program has opened my mind to opportunities in the world of business.”

Sean A. Cahanding, Entrepreneurial Army Captain
MBA@American Student, Expected to Graduate August 2018
Former Captain, Infantry in the U.S. Army

See how Sean plans to use his business education.

“Going through the courses, my love for finance re-emerged ... I’ve started making the transition in my company from the analytics department into the finance and accounting department.”

Bianca Romo, Local Finance Aficionado
MBA@American Student, Graduated May 2018.
Industry Analyst at the Association for Manufacturing Technology

See how Bianca is enhancing her network and career.

Q&As with Business@American Alumni

“I was looking for a program that gave me the ability to better understand businesses and business issues, combined with the skills required for data analysis. That combination is ultimately what helped me successfully land my current job.”

John Gayton, Newly Hired Data Analyst
Analytics@American Graduate, Class of 2017
Services Data Analyst at Agilent Technologies

See how the program opened new doors for John.

“I knew this was a place where I could achieve academically and be challenged to learn. With its strong reputation, online learning for professionals, and its close proximity to where I live, American University gave me the chance to continue working at my job.”

Shana Sivia, Multitasking IT Professional
MBA@American Graduate, Class of 2017
Data Management Analyst at CACI International Inc.

See how an MBA education fit into Shana’s plans.

“I plan on transitioning into an analytics career ... If I can apply my analytics skills from this program with the management experience that I currently have, it should be a good fit.”

Andre Smotherman, Aspiring Analytics Manager
Analytics@American Graduate, Class of 2017
Assortment Analyst at Giant Food

See how Andre plans to switch his career trajectory.

“We’re not hiring enough personnel with data and analytics skills. My superiors know that I did this program and they’re very excited because they want me to take what I’ve learned and apply it here.”

Fenix Suero, Data-Driven Education Professional
Analytics@American Graduate, Class of 2017
Operations Coordinator at Achievement First

See how Fenix is using her skills to transform her local education system.

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